We're glad you made it here. Grab a beer 🍺, have a look around, and get acquainted.

What is Fat Tony's?

Fat Tony's is an online community for fans of Nassim Taleb's Incerto series. However, it is NOT exclusively about that. People in the community use his (and other related ideas) to build an #antifragile life. This is about practical application, NOT theory.

Expect discussion to include (but not be limited to):  REAL LIFE Anti-fragility, Convexity, Non linearity, Deadlifts, Fasting, Flaneuring, Movies, Music, and acquiring freedom / f*ck you money.

Above all, Fat Tony's is a community. Being a fan of the Incerto series acts as a filter, and gives us a great group of people willing to share knowedlge, socialise, and help improve each other's lives. We've had Fat Tony's members who have written books, started companies, collaborated on design projects, and established real world friendships.

On that note, Fat Tony's is a Decentralised community. We all share ideas, resources, and support on this website, Twitter, our Youtube Channel, and our Discord Server.

We also host regular events, tawks, and happy hours. See the events page for more details.

Lastly, we encourage real life meetups, which are organised by members of the community. See our meetups page for more details.

How did Fat Tony's start?

Fat Tony's started on US election night 2020, when Seb sent out a tweet to see if anyone in the Taleb-sphere wanted to have an online call / beers to watch the results.

A handful of people responded, and a Discord server was set up. Amongst those who responded was Rory Sutherland, which then provided a Halo effect, so lots of great people piled the following days.

The Discord server lasted beyond election night, and quickly grew. Shortly after, we started hosting weekly 'Happy Hours' - beers and conversation, partly as an escape from the COVID lockdowns that gripped the world throughout 2020. The Happy Hours were unscripted, crazy, intriguing, and always fun!

Fat Tony's Happy Hour

By now the community had a name.. Fat Tony's! A virtual space where people could hang out and socialise, support each other, and share knowledge. It continued to grow, resulting in a Twitter account, Youtube Channel (for recorded events), and this webpage. We've also grown to host events and live Q&As from fascinating people.

There is no future master plan for Fat Tony's - it continues to envolve and move in different directions, across multiple platforms, as decentralised as possible. We're excited about what it grows into.

Ok, sounds cool. How do I join?

Anyone can join. Just get involved in our Twitter or Discord communities. We do have a few rules though...

1. No pedants
2. No sophistry
3. No pedophrasty, bigoteering
4. No suckers
5. If you're gonna be an asshole, make sure you've got the charm to pull it off.
6. No selling / promotion of any courses, materials etc...

Praise for Fat Tony's