"You will accumulate more knowledge and more books as you grow older, and the growing number of unread books on the shelves will look at you menancingly. Indeed, the more you know, the larger the rows of unread books. Let us call this collection of unread books an antilibrary."

- Nassim Taleb

Ancient Scepticism - Harald Thorsrud
Daily Life of the Ancient Romans - David Matz
A History of China - Eberhard, Wolfram
Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past - David Reich
Rubicon: The Last Years of the Roman Republic - Tom Holland
History of Christianity: The First 3000 Years - history-of-christianity-the-first-3000-years
The Silk Roads: A New History of the World - Peter Frankopan
Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind - dominion-the-making-of-the-western-mind
The Histories - Herodotus

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