SEASON 1 EPISODE 3 Dec 12, 2023

Ernest Boehm - Energy, Gas, and the Polyfurcated Life

Ernest talks about life as a Chemical Engineer, witnessing the carbon sequestration craze, and living in 20 countries.

Episode Summary

Ernest is a Chemical Engineer my profession, a Classicist and Renaissance man by nature. Ernest was a start up engineer for 5 years and lived in 20 different countries and started up 15 different processes. Ernest then worked in Gas Processing design and sales for 8 years and covered natural gas and NGL and LNG processes.

He has experienced the natural gas boom cycle and the carbon sequestration craze and bust. Ernest has worked in Olefin Sales and Olefins Engineering and now specializes in design of Methanol To Olefin Plant and Olefin Cracking plants.

In short.. he design plants that convert methanol to (CO2 and H2 or gasified products) to plastics.

The oldest of 10 children. Father of 2 and a husband, and forever at war with boredom.


Ernest on Twitter

Ernest's Blog



Host: Sebastian Lees
Music: Tim Hofmann
Voiceover: Brian Roberts

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