SEASON 1 EPISODE 7 Mar 10, 2024

Marc A. Ross - Always Be Communicating

Geopolitical communications expert Marc A. Ross joins Fat Tony's to talk about communications and AI policy

Episode Summary

Marc A. Ross is the Founder and Chief Communications Strategist at Caracal, a global geopolical communications consultancy. He is also a Communications Director for the Center for AI Policy, based out of Washington DC. If that wasn't enough, he is also the founder of Brigadoon, which connects thought leaders and entrepreneurs through unique international events and salons. 

Marc joins Fat Tony's to talk about the importance of geopolitical communications and AI policy.


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Caracal Global - Marc's geopolitical communications consultancy

Brigadoon - International events and communications

Marc on Twitter

Marc on YouTube


Host: Sebastian Lees
Music: Tim Hofmann
Voiceover: Brian Roberts

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