SEASON 1 EPISODE 1 Oct 12, 2023

Sara Lapsley - Mental Health

Sara talks about mental health, and why psychopathy is the biggest problem we don't know we have

Episode Summary

In this inaugural episode of Fat Tony's Podcast, I'm joined by Sara Lapsley.

Sara works in the Psychology Department at Carleton University and works at the Royal’s Institute for Mental Health Research in Ottawa, Ontario. Her research interests include: Bipolar Disorder, Forensic Mental Health Care and Policy, and Patient-Oriented Research Methods.

Sara was an absolutely fascinating guest, and informed me on why undiagnosed psychopathy may be one of the biggest dangers to society we don't talk about, how systemic issues within mental health still cause problems today, and about her past life as an (almost) rock star.


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Host: Sebastian Lees
Music: Tim Hofmann
Voiceover: Brian Roberts

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