EPISODE 0 Sep 08, 2023

Sebastian Lees - Welcome to Fat Tony's

An introduction to the Fat Tony's Podcast, and what we hope to achieve from it

Episode Summary

Welcome, everyone, to Fat Tony's. I'm really glad you've made it here; grab a beer, or a whisky, or whatever your poison is, have a look around, and get acquainted.

Fat Tony's is a podcast and community that's designed to help people navigate modernity. It started off a few years ago, inspired by the works of Nassim Taleb, and people in the Fat Tony's community use his and other related ideas to build an antifragile life. It's import to note that this is about practical application, NOT theory.


The podcast focuses on, but is not limited to talking to real life experts and other fascinating people. So expect conversation around antifragility, convexity, hacking, non-linearity, fitness, fasting, flaneuring, cooking, poetry, risk, movies, and acquiring freedom or f*ck you money.

Above all else, Fat Tony's is a decentralised community; we've found over the last few years that being a fan of Nassim Taleb acts as a kind of filter, and gives us a great group of people willing to share knowledge, tawks, and help improve each other's lives. We've had Fat Tony's members who have written books, Started companies together, collaborated on design projects, met up in all corners of the globe and create real, long lasting friendships.

We're each going to share ideas, resources, and offer support for navigating modernity; on this podcast, on our website (fattonys.net), and most importantly on our Discord server. We're also going to host semi-regular, spontaneous real world and online events, talks, and book clubs.

You can follow us on Twitter, or X, or whatever the hell it's called these days, the account is @FatTonysPodcast.

Really, REALLY, looking forward to some of the conversations we're going to have on here. I hope it's useful for everyone listening, I know I'm going to have a blast doing this. That's it for now - see you out there.


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