Fat Tony's hosts a number of guest events, and regular community events. Guest events are livestreamed here, and past events are available on our Youtube channel.

Upcoming events


Regular Events

Our regular events encourage community participation, and free and open conversation, therefore are not recorded, and not streamed here on the events page. They are hosted in the video longue of our Discord server.

šŸ» Happy Hour

Grab a beer, and shoot the sh*t with fellow Fat Tony's members. Our monthly (ish) Happy Hour kicks off at the weekend, and goes on for a long as people are around (the record is 14 hours). Happy Hours are random, chaotic, and lots of fun.

We don't like to make the Happy Hours too structured (as that's boring), so we sometimes have spontaneous Happy Hours annouced via Twitter - anyone can start one - Fat Tony's is open 24/7! Chances are, if you drop into Fat Tony's Discord on a Saturday evening and ask if people want to do a Happy Hour, they will jump on.

šŸ“š Sci-fi Book Club

The Sci-Fi Book Club meets monthly. At each meeting, a Sci-Fi book is picked, to be read and discussed at the next session. Previous books have included 2001: A Space Odyssey, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and Titan.

The Sci-Fi Book Club normally meets on the first weekend of the month, in the #Lounge channel of our Discord server, and is hosted by Jack. Pease contact him for more details.

šŸŽ„ Movie Club

The Movie Club meets monthly in the #Lounge channel of the Discord server. At each meeting, a movie is picked, to be watched and discussed at the next session. There is also a #movie text channel for general (asynchronous) discussion. Movie club is hosted by Ernest. Please contact him for more details.

āœļø Bible Club

Fat Tony's Bible Club meets monthly. In each meeting, a section is picked for reading, then discussion at the next. Interpretations and conversation is varied, ranging from religious / traditionalist perspective, to more modern interpretation through the lens of the Incerto.

Fat Tony's Bible Club occurs on the 24th of every month - 11pm GMT, 6pm EST / 3pm PCT, on the Discord server in the #Lounge channel. There is also a #bible text channel on the Discord server for members meet for day to day chat. Contact Seb for details.