Before the Fat Tony's Discord server closed, we asked those who wanted to stay in touch to share their contact details. While we won't post the email / phone numbers that were shared on the private server here, You can find a list of those below who wanted to share their Twitter handle...

Sebastian @sebs_tweets

Ernest Boehm @Ernestboehm

Jon998001 @_jon99

Matin @Matindotamiri

Georg(e) @realgeorgemeyer

Christian Luther @hugoderwolf

Jesse Oberoi @jesseoberoi

Parth @parthpahuja4

Cyrus Yari @CyrusYari

hmo293 @hmo293

David SMP @idavidsmp

Fede @spinella_fede

Tony Horizontal @roveneliah

Phiwise_ @Phiwise_

valizio1985 @irhamapp